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About us * Printique Promo's

Printique Promo’s offer our clients hard to find, exquisite, premium and timeless products. Individually Printed, Business Promotional products, in addition to Exclusive keepsakes for all celebrations.

We specialize in high-quality traditional printing. We do not believe that “cheap digital printing” (widely offered online) is suitable for businesses that are wanting growth, returning customers and leaving and impression that lasts.

We feel that your printed items reflect the quality of your business and a quality product professionally printed is key to your business image.

There is no room for cheap poor quality printing in the business world, nor should it be for your business.

We work locally in Sydney, NSW, Australia, thus avoiding heavy freight charges, which consumers normally have to pay.  We offer a ‘local‘ service, we can deliver the finished products to your door sooner, eliminating the long delays required from international suppliers and manufactures.

We offer items like 100% genuine Leather, solid 400 gsm card stocks, and hard to find PVC cards which“ mass marketing” cheap printers simply cant produce with fine detail. Each, and every item is done individually, on the Worlds Finest Hot Stamping Machine (the only one in NSW) andindividually  checked for precision and flawless.

The majority of our products are designed to remain useable on a desktop or in view for a considerable time; like drink coasters, mouse mats, key tags, fridge magnets, and rulers. Simply the best long term value for money products available in the world today, all printed in exclusive metallic foil, creating an unusual and sophisticated STAND OUT product so different to offerings from the current mass market.

We have carefully studied the costs and effectiveness of regular business marketing over many years and it is absolutely clear that media like; Television, Radio and Newspaper advertising are simply overpriced and can be considered a temporary throwaway message that is easily forgotten.

We allow any business to place their Message, Logo, or Business details or special offers onto a long lasting medium, such as Wood, Real LEATHER or solid PVC, so that your message or reminder to your customer is being viewed everyday for years to come …this simply is unbeatable advertising and such great value for money.